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Episode One

March 2nd, 2009


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For some it was just an oddly cold Monday night in March, but for others it was the start of something big. Because tonight marks the start of GetJazzical – your fortnightly guide to contemporary classical and jazz music in London and beyond. This is our first episode and our first step towards promoting the incredible, diverse and burgeoning worlds of contemporary classical and jazz music!

Featured tracks: “Tribal Dance” - Westcott & Rodway, “Alba” – Melissa Reiner, “Them There Eyes” – Aiofe Doyle, “Across the Water” -Sebastian Weiss, “Agnus Dei” – Hazlitt

Over the last few weeks we have been astounded by the musicians and composers that we’ve met and emailed. They have been helpful, keen and excited about GetJazzical and have responded with tracks, suggestions and kindness. We’re sure there are many more of you out there, so please have a listen to our 1st episode and send us your music so we can include you in our next shows and give your music the recognition it deserves!

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