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Amnesty International – Everyday

October 10th, 2010
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A GetJazzical alumni Carly Comando has been featured in another Internet sensation.  First she scored Noah Kalina’s haunting ‘Everyday’ Video and now the same track has been used by Amnesty International to back their new campaign to abolish the death penalty worldwide.  No matter what your views on the subject are, it’s an emotive advert.

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Oxford Jazz Festival: EXCLUSIVE COVERAGE

April 2nd, 2010
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OXJAZZ SPECIAL PART I: We’ve got the first in our roving-reporting-recordings of the splendiferous OxJazz Festival and it’s here NOW for your podcasting pleasure. Featured in this episode are: Alvin Roy, Seb Pipe and Dave O’Higgins. Click here for more info…


Click here to download the MP3 directly

BBC INTERVIEW: The chaps at BBC Radio Oxford asked the GetJazzical boys to take care of an interview with Liane Carroll for them and for good measure they also decided to interview our heroes as well, have a gander at the video…

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VIDEO: Yuja Wang

July 1st, 2009
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While Olly is back in NY, living a life of pure hedonistic debauchery and espressos, I (Alasdair) have been plugging away, trying to find the best in new music and new musicians. Last night saw the LSO play at the Barbican, a fantastically “yes our building was built in the 60s and we love it” venue. It was an interesting, 20th Century composer set list, and if my tickets were not free I probably wouldn’t have risked the cash on the concert. Thank heavens for freebies then, as after 15 minutes of Charles Ives and me eyeing the nearest exit, we were introduced to, and I fell in love with, Yuja Wang

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VIDEO: Jazz, Classical, Podcasts…

June 12th, 2009
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Always determined to bring you further into the world of GetJazzical, we’ve taken the lens cap off the recording equipment one more time in our latest video. Yes, it does look like we record our episodes in a laundry room, and yes Olly does look so pale he’s kind of see through, but that’s why he took that al-expenses paid trip to New York.

Don’t worry folks, we’ll be back to doing what we do best very soon. NOT appearing in front of a camera.

By the way…

Loud..Louder...Stop!Neil Cowley Trio
“His Nibs” (mp3)
from “Loud..Louder…Stop!”
(Candid Productions)

Buy at iTunes Music Store

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VIDEO: Sahara – Tango

May 2nd, 2009
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Before podcasting, there was video, the now outdated technology of applying moving pictures to sounds. It was big for a while, and everyone got really excited, but no one ever thought it would catch on. It was like Twitter, and Bird Flu.

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