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The Jazzical Mix Tape

March 21st, 2010
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What some of you may not realise is that we have been doing what we do for quite a few years now. For those of you who have noticed there are more pages than the front, you will have learned that while at St Andrews University, Oliver decided to do the radio equivalent of one of those 0900 phone lines that charges 50p per minute and  DOESN’T come up on your mobile bill. With what was known in the streets of that fair town as his sexy/pervy/predator voice, Olly educated the masses with his three CDs worth of Classical Music from the Movies and Miles Davis compilation. It was called the Jazz and Classical show, and was pretty much the best damn jazz and classical show on STAR FM at the time.

In 2007, a terrified new member of the radio committee mentioned a love for Yo-Yo Ma and the rest is our relatively short history. Well, last week Olly and Alasdair sat down to listen to an early broadcast. It wasn’t a vanity exercise, believe us. In fact, it was a bit like replaying a bad first/last date. Moments of “Oh, did I really say that?!” “Somebody say something, this is getting awkward” and the belief from only one side of the table that there was definite chemistry in the air brought dark, lonely, memories flooding back to both presenters.

However, what we did realise (and this was the real reason we were listening (honest) –  is that we played some pretty good music. Before the days where we had to “ask” and “get permission” to play the music on our show, we went nuts. And after a tweet from one of our fans, asking for a GetJazzical Spotify playlist, we thought we’d oblige by archiving the music we used to play on a show we once called “Jazzical“.

So, to all of you who wonder what kind of music we’re really into, or just generally fascinated by the story arc that is (Get)Jazzical,  have a listen! It’s on Spotify so if you don’t have Spotify GET WITH THE PROGRAM, JEEZ!

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March 8th, 2009
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twitterFar from us to buck the latest fads and fashions, GetJazzical has joined the twittering classes with gusto and glee. From now on you can find us changing the classical and jazz world one tweet at a time!  Just click here or click the giant blue logo to your left to stay in constant stalker-like contact.

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