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INTERVIEW: Bad Ass Brass!

June 8th, 2009
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Photo by Simon Allen

I sit here with my tender young hands wrapped around a mug of joe so big that ‘Venti’ cups look away in shame and I pronounce the legendary GetJazzical interview with Bad Ass Brass is, finally, complete!  It may have taken weeks to do but by gosh…it’s beautiful. Well actually Olly sounds like a posh snake with a lisp and Alasdair sounds a little frightened child when you can hear him at all.  It was, in our defense, recorded on an iPhone which kept going flat.  Thanks Steve Jobs.

This interview was recorded at the Blagclub in Ladbrokes Grove during a bold, brash and brassy performance by the band and the interview features Gemma Moore who plays the Baritone saxaphone and Jon Stokes who supplies Trombone and sultry vocals.

It was our first live recording and we’d like to thank the band for having us.  Please don’t forget to check out the rest of Bad Ass Brass on their MySpace.

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Gig Alert: Bad Ass Brass

May 19th, 2009
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bad ass brass

You know a band’s good when they get played on GetJazzical. You know we’re fans when we play them twice. Now, on top of all that, your favourite hosts are about to step out into the public eye to experience the live sounds of Bad Ass Brass. And we’d love you to come too!

Blagclub is the place to be on Saturday 23rd May, with some Bad Ass Brass and smooth cocktails to compliment these hot summer nights … that we’re expecting soon. More information can be found here, and at £5 a ticket, doors open at 20:00.  Saturday night is going to kick off GetJazzical’s Summer of Jazz with a night not to be missed!

Oh, and you can also e-mail them ( to get on the guest list. Stick with us kids – we’ve got all the hook ups.

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Episode Six

May 12th, 2009
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Read more…

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Episode Three

March 30th, 2009
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You know those guys who want to be Olympic cyclists but just can’t be bothered with the early mornings, incessant Weetbix eating and chafed nether regions?  You know how they placate their unfulfilled ambitions by buying the latest, greatest and shiniest gear they can find?  They get the bike hand-tuned by a little old man who lives in Belgium,  lights so bright they could dazzle the sun and the kind of figure-hugging attire generally only seen in the kind of films favoured by the Home Secretary’s husband? Read more…

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