Oxford Jazz Festival 2010

June 10th, 2010

OXJAZZ SPECIAL PART II:  We’ve got part two of our OxJazz coverage up and it’s been emotional.  Have a listen and see what we we mean.


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OXJAZZ SPECIAL PART I:  We’ve got the first in our roving-reporting-recordings of the splendiferous OxJazz Festival and it’s here NOW for your podcasting pleasure.  Featured in this episode are:  Alvin Roy, Seb Pipe and Dave O’Higgins.


Click here to download the MP3 directly

It’s been a question that’s bugged millions for decades: What do you do over Easter weekend? I mean once you’ve painted an egg, eaten rubbish chocolate and avoided the fact that the whole holiday is about tube closures, what’s left?

Well, how’s about a fantastic long weekend in one of the most beautiful cities in the world sampling sublime jazz? Yeah, sounds good doesn’t it? Eh? That’s exactly what GetJazzical are doing – we’re off to The Oxford Jazz Festival (OxJazz to its friends) and we are in the privileged position of being the official podcast of the festival. So what can you expect from GJ? How about review of the cream of the gigs, photos and video highlights? If you can’t make it to Oxford this weekend you can be there in spirit and with us digitally.

So hold onto your headphones – it’s gonna be a heck of ride.

Friday, 1204: So we’ve arrived at the hotel and it turns out that instead of a residence-for-rent it’s actually a museum of 1970′s domestication that occasionally hires out rooms. Still, we won’t be spending much time in this haven for grannies because we’ll be OUT THERE seeing the jazz, strippers and stuff. Alasdair has already got his wee shorts on and wide brimmed hat ready for some serious punting action and Olly has already tried to bribe his way onto a bus. Stay tuned for more, we’re off to meet Max Mason of legendary sausage fame. Hooray!

Friday, 1528: Well what a day so far – it’s rained, hailed and now my delicate chipped-ice-blue-eyes are watering from the searing sun. Oxford is treating us to all the seasons at once. We’ve also been to the North Wall Arts Centre (which is amazing and has the kind of furniture that would make Ikea swell up in Swedish indignation) and saw musicians old and young playing some spectacular improv jazz and had a chance to talk to one of the organizers Alvin Roy who guided the youngsters through their chords with practiced ease and so he should as a member of the Oxford Improvisers.

Afterwards we were lucky enough to interview two rising jazz stars who, only yesterday, won the ‘JazzFactor’ competition and now sees Hal Dunnett and Alex Polywka playing a gig at The Jazz Cellar and on an ark along with fellow band members Elliot Wenman, Alex Davies and Nick Doig (the chaps also wanted to give a shout to their tutor Mark Mullin). They are the Quaking Ducks and our interview with them will be up on our first GJ OxJazz special which will be up tomorrow lunchtime! Ok, we’re off to business school now to see Sandy Burnett and we are soooooper excited.

Friday, 1951: We’re still going strong! Saw Major Swing at the Saïd Business School (which is well posh and nice and stuff) and interiewed the colossally delightful Sandy Burnett who gave us his views on emerging jazz and its promotion as well as a sneak glimse of his lecture on Sunday – more on that to come. Then we sprinted to Pizza Express, microphone cable trailing, to see the twice-sold-out and very talented Seb Pipe’s Life Experience playing their own brand of improv but not before giving us a couple of albums that we can’t wait to play you soon. Now we’re about to eat so go away. Further. Thanks.

Friday, 2220: Back in the hotel and bushed. Phenomenal first day, just returned from the North Wall Centre where we were treated to Flight of Hand featuring Dave O’Higgins whom we interviewed and now LOVE because he called us the ‘Ant & Dec for Classical and Jazz music‘! Sort of. In any case the music was fluent, melodic and wonderfully relaxing after a hard day on the town. We’ve got some great photos, videos, CDs and interviews to share with you all so keep on GetJazzical and watch this space for our first GJ OxJazz Special Broadcast tomorrow… sometime. Night all!

Saturday, 0946: It’s a lovely sunny day in Oxford and we’re up with the lark and busy making sweet podcast. After a frenetic and fruitful first day we’ve got high hopes for Saturday’s selection which includes the Nick Malcolm Trio, Tommaso Starace Quartet and the Liane Carroll Trio. We’re tweaking, prodding and stroking our first episode into life and we’ll have it with you ever so very shortly.

Saturday, 1603: We finally managed to get it up! It’s been a bit hard I won’t lie to you , but with some loving care and serious attention we’ve done it! Yes, part one of our twofer is up and ready for your ears! At this point we’d like to give a massive SHOUT OUT to The Missing Bean café for restoring our will to live with their silky espresso and gooey bagels – we would still be curled up in our dark, damp hotel room rocking if it weren’t for them. Have a listen!


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Saturday, 0222: Well the birds are already up and we’ve just got back from the spectacular improv sessions at the The Big Bang Jazz Cellar where we saw Adam Rafferty and Liane Carroll LIVE! They were both quite quite awesome as were the other musicians who graced the packed podium with their prodigeous talents. Earlier in the day we were able to see Tommaso Starace Quartet in St Michael’s church which was an unusual yet fabulous venue for their slick jazz fiddlings. Interviews all to come and there’s still another whole day to go. GJ will be there as always

Sunday 2317: It’s been a a day without many updates but that’s just because there’s been SO much going on and we haven’t had time to think or blog.  Today we were delighted to be be asked to take care of a couple of interviews for BBC Radio Oxford (which you’re never going to hear the end of) and then on top of that they interviewed us about our part in the festival and… well have a look!