The London jazz scene is nothing if not vibrant, friendly and eclectic.  Whether you’re looking for a brick-walled dive in soho or the fine upholstered salubriousness of a 5 star hotel you’ll find it in this fine city of ours.  The following venues are some of our favourites but part of the joy of jazz is in the discovery of the new club, the new artist, the new night.  So get out there and find your own cosy dimly-lit corner.

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Jazz in London:

No guide to jazz in london would be complete without mentioning the bible which is fittingly called  ’Jazz in London’!  This listings guide is available online or in printed form at clubs, shops and cafés throughout London.  You can always download the latest guide from their website.  An invaluable resource.


Ray’s Jazz Cafe

Go up a few flights of stairs in Foyle’s book shop in Soho, and you’ll find that cafe you were looking for before giving up and heading to another Starbucks. Good, strong coffee in an unmarked paper cup (believe us, that’s important) and good food make the perfect background for a venue that presents regular jazz, folk, and blues gigs. And even better, the events are all free!


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