There is a burgeoning, enthusiastic and dedicated contemporary classical music scene in London.  It includes artists playing their own material and also their take on the classics.  Here’s our guide to the fastest route into the scene whether you’re a musician or just the kind of person who appreciates the inherent beauty of listening to Mozart with a pint of ale in your hand and a split bag of Walkers on the table.  If you have something to add, then get in touch.

The Little Proms

Spice of Life - SohoThe idea behind this group is simple: “To bring classical music to traditionally non-classical locations.”  They do this by hosting regular open-mic gigs in central London locations.  Everyone is welcome to turn up, have a drink and enjoy the music and those with instruments are invited to signup by email.  The food’s pretty good too!

WHERE:  The Spice of Life, in Soho (Google Map)

WHEN:  The 1st Sunday of every Month

WEB:  MySpace /


The Barbican, Europe’s largest multi-arts and conference venue, is always worth checking out. And if you’re 16-25, you can check it out without having to edge ever closer to that overdraft limit.  freeB at the Barbican is a totally free membership, offering free tickets to music, theatre, film, art and dance. We’re proud card carrying members (although Olly is so painfully close to being too old), so you have that extra incentive that when you get your tickets you might be enjoying the show sitting next to a host of GetJazzical.

WHERE:  The Barbican Centre (Google Map)

WHEN:  Throughout the Year

WEB:  Official

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