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PREVIEW: Oxford Jazz Festival

February 28th, 2010
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GetJazzical has an uneasy history with Oxford, city of dreaming pretension.  It seems (and this all came out in a gush of great heaving  sobs) that one of our number was summarily and brutally REJECTED from the canonised seat of education that dwells within the city.  Their loss, the big brainy tossers.  ANYWAY, GetJazzical has some news that’ll make you fall off your chair, get up, sit down and fall off it all over again…ready?


The city that so cruelly stamped REJECT on us has come shuffling back, mortarboard in hand, to ask for a second chance and being the magnanimous and benign people we are, we said ‘yes’ and gave Oxford a little pat on the head to imply that it wasn’t over but we were being the bigger man.

Of course all of this is immensely exciting and has only been made possible by the gregarious and boundlessly energetic Max Mason, co-founder of the festival (along with ever so talented Alissa and Paul) and more deliciously proprietor of the Big Bang sausage and jazz restaurant in that fair city.  As the festival approaches we’ll be bringing you more, but for now book a holiday for the 1st to the 4th of April and have a listen to Max tell you why you should be Oxford-bound for Easter weekend.


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Season 2 – Episode 3

February 22nd, 2010
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It’s awards season, ladies and gentlemen – that couple of months in the calendar  that ensures every free newspaper out there is concentrating on awkward double acts, mutton dressed as lamb, jokes sinking like lead balloons, and the ramblings of trumped up entertainers you are sure you’ve never heard of going on for longer than they should.

It was with that in mind that we recorded Episode Three of our second season. If you want to hear the conversation of two over tired graduates who have both reached the end of the honeymoon periods of their “real” jobs in the “real” world, then you are in for a treat! You probably won’t notice the difference, and we know you really came for the music, so here’s the scoop:

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