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Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde Demo Reel

December 5th, 2009
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To kick off the relaunch of GetJazzical, we played the man whose hair was once muse to Jedward – Kelly Rossum. In the latter part of ’09, our favourite New York muted trumpeter, obviously in response to the decision made by the British public regarding the aforementioned Jedward, shaved his head, went all black and white and Ross Kemp-y, and created one of the best videos I’ve seen on YouTube since that kid bit another kids finger.

Taking the silent movie of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, Rossum has created a new soundtrack, performed by the Nicollet Circus Band. Check out the lab transformation scene below, then go to his youtube channel to watch the rest of the film.

Strangely he hasn’t had as many hits as the community channel, but maybe one day he’ll take one of that Australian girl’s “hilarious” videos and stick some gangster caper jazz on top of it so that hundreds of thousands of dull and bored people can enjoy some “scathing” and “culturally trendsetting” monologue about people who kiss in public while enjoying the genuinely brilliant sounds of Mr. Rossum.

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Season Two – Episode One

December 4th, 2009
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Click here to download the MP3 directly

It’s the last ten minutes of the film.  The hero has overcome adversity, heartbreak and robots to get this far and yet he lies there motionless on the floor, life ebbing away whilst the villain laughs mockingly at his crumpled body.  ”No!” You think, surely this can’t be the end?  Not now, not when our hero only just learnt an important lesson about himself that he really knew all along.  It’s just too heartbreaking. It’s NOT FAIR!

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December 1st, 2009
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Occasionally in life you stumble across someone who’s been doing the same thing as you all along.  You then kill that person and hope that the vultures eat them before anyone finds out.  For GetJazzical, Nonclassical is that person… Only kidding folks, we have nothing but LOVE in our collective heart (which looks a little like a ying-yang symbol with Olly’s oily black half pervasively oozing hate and mistrust into Alasdair’s pure white and crisp soul) and  we are major fans of what they’re doing. Read more…

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