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Episode Seven

June 22nd, 2009



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Like the magnificent David Fincher film of the same same sort-of name, this episode melds (yes ‘melds’) intrigue, sex and Shostakovich into a heady thirty minutes of pure aural beatitude.*  This episode brings us full circle via the two glorious twin arcs of classical and jazz music back to our very first few episodes recorded when Alasdair still had hair and Olly still had hope.  So we mark the return of the irrepressible Hazlitt, the unstoppable Alony, the swinging Steve Blanco Trio and some dude called Billie Holiday.

GetJazzical has also, through extensive talks with it’s legion of accountants, decided to purchase a wee HD camera because HD is cool and without HD you are, frankly, a knob.  So expect the twin delights of Olly & Ali in all their gloriously unusual splendor very shortly.  That is all.

*  The film ‘Sev7en’ does not feature any Shostakovich, nor does our episode. It does however provide a pleasant alliteration.  Our show also does not feature and sex, sexiness or sextons.

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